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Roseland Theater | Portland, Oregon


Treat yourself with an exquisite yet action-packed techno delight on Sunday 29th October 2023! The one and only Zhu has a long history of delivering some of the most iconic parties throughout the country, and now it’s time to arrive in Portland, Oregon and bring thrill and excitement to the local and traveling techno fans alike. Roseland Theater will play host to this breathtaking event, so the patrons can expect the ultimate combination of premier techno performance and the most premier environment to enjoy it. Mesmerizing stage visuals and heart-racing BPMs that take you to another dimension, lasers, mind-bending installations and a world-class performance on stage to boot. If all this sounds like your thing, there;s not much time to hesitate. Secure your ticket today and experience this techno sensation live!

When it comes down to experiencing the ultimate techno sonic adventure in Portland, local and traveling fans in the know always point to one place. Roseland Theater has a long history of serving as a home for the trendiest techno parties in the area, and this October it will uphold this commitment once again. On Sunday 29th October 2023 Zhu will hit the stage of the iconic venue and will transport the guests to a parallel universe. The vibrating beats will sail even to the furthest corners of the hall thanks to the superb acoustics and world-class sounds systems. To make this even better, the hosts refine the party experience by securing a viewy decor and mesmerizing light shows that create an out-of-this-world ambiance. The organizers are well-aware that the fans’ journey starts long before they enter the hall, though, so they’ve ensured convenient parking lots just a short walk away from the front doors. No need to worry about missing a second of the action inside! But your trip to Roseland Theater just wouldn’t be the same without visiting some of the finest bars and restaurants nearby, and take a close look at their award-winning menus with international cuisines. How much better could it get? Get your ticket now and find out for yourself!

Zhu at Roseland Theater

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