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Roseland Theater | Portland, Oregon


Bas is the biggest rap act of now and the spring, 2024 US tour is looking HOT. Rap fans everywhere are rushing to grab access for March before they're all gone! The internet has gone wild, you'd be mad not to be there if you're a big rap fan! You are probably familiar with the epic, Roseland Theater, Oregon, Portland? Well Bas will be hosted there on Saturday 16th March 2024. If you'd really like to be there for yourself, click the 'GET TICKETS' lick now for this Saturday evening of rap heaven!

Progressing from the streets to the popular culture, hip-hop transformed into a massive and powerfully influential phenomenon within modern society. The effect of hip-hop culture resounds across music and lifestyle, expanding to include stylistic choices and political activism. As KRS One once wisely said, "Rap is an action; hip-hop is a way of life." Truly, hip-hop comprises a subculture and serves as an art form, emerging within the Bronx of New York City in the early 1970s. Its evolution mirrored the adverse consequences of post-industrial decline, political rhetoric, and an fluctuating economy. Unfolding from a context marked by anger, despair, and societal neglect, the burgeoning hip-hop movement hugely harnessed these emotions into countless creative outlets. Moreover, it acted as an outlet for addressing disorder and upheaval, replacing fists for lyrical battles and beats.

Throughout successive decades since its genesis, this culture evolved and prospered, ultimately evolving into a widespread and enormously well-liked musical style. Among the paramount hip-hop personalities of this era stands none other than Bas. For all ardent followers of this rap luminary, we are thrilled to announce that Bas is set to dominate Portland, Oregon with a memorable live performance! Bas epitomizes the core of hip-hop culture, committing to enthrall audiences with their signature hits, including a selection of your personal favorites. Brace yourselves for an electrifying spectacle, as Bas delivers their astounding artistry at the esteemed Roseland Theater during this spring. And just when you thought it couldn't get any better, anticipate being enveloped in an ambiance of unadulterated excitement and musical brilliance that will linger in your recollection. The eagerly anticipated event is scheduled for Saturday 16th March 2024. Free your schedules, make a note, and prepare for an unforgettable experience!

Within this moment of immeasurable thrill, take prompt action to grab your prime seats for this stunning event! Acquire your special access to Bas's show with a simple click by selecting 'get tickets.' The clock is ticking, and seat inventory is waning at a rapid pace. Don't hesitate, as you wouldn't wish to overlook on partaking in the unmatched brilliance of Bas's presentation. Your hip-hop adventure awaits!

Bas at Roseland Theater

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