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Roseland Theater | Portland, Oregon

That Girl Lay Lay

Feel the musical bravado as That Girl Lay Lay mumbles a eclectic hip hop number, arriving in Oregon this coming Wednesday 31st July 2024 at Roseland Theater, Portland. Seize the bars hovering over the venue as That Girl Lay Lay will spit heavy bars that will make your mind boggle with the groovy tunes on record.

This concerts will show the swaggy and urban mixtape of That Girl Lay Lay as they fire up the stages with their slick moves for the hip hop fans to vibe with. From traps to bops, get ready to be shook as the wonderful verses are waiting for the audience to vibe with the best hip hop celebration on notice.

Behold with the sound of the heavy-hitting beats, call the hip hop gods and pray for a free pass as That Girl Lay Lay drops it down to the center stage with a chill and heavy style on the mic for a mic dropping hip hop jam for the crowd to slam. Book your tickets now for That Girl Lay Lay on Wednesday 31st July 2024 at Roseland Theater!

Come forth, rapheads! In the wake of this year’s summer months, the unforgettable That Girl Lay Lay will go on board a tour that will strike at the hearts of major states throughout the nation, spewing poetic fire with its world-renowned squad. Everyone's falling over themselves in praise of the event’s multi-awarded singers, recognizing them as new-generation trailblazers who will propel rap music to the extremes. Don’t miss the chance to watch these legends LIVE on stage, featuring a staggering performance at the Roseland Theater on Wednesday 31st July 2024
Epic doesn't even begin to cover it. The connection between the performers and the crowd was simply unreal. Best concert ever!

Brace yourself for an electrifying evening of hip-hop that will quake your city down to its bedrock! In the anxiously awaited That Girl Lay Lay, they’re bringing together the most distinguished artists in the rap circuit for a blast of explosive performances, head-spinning rhythms, and hard-hitting poetry that’ll leave you hungry for more. Our headlining singers have upped the musical ante with their fresh new string of weekly Billboard chart-topping songs and acclaimed albums, and now, they’re bringing them to the live stage! Come and keep up with the smoothest beats and the quick-witted wordplay that ruled the radio airplay across the United States, brilliantly blended with a fiery, freestylin’ finesse that will keep you on your toes. unforgettable in the best of ways, this event pays tribute to hip-hop’s funky disco origins and illuminates its shining future through the reverberating rhymes that explore the potential of street music.

Step into the Roseland Theater in the entertainment district of the buzzing Portland, Oregon, and cherish the sounds bouncing off the arena’s world-class acoustic backdrop. With stunning aesthetics and optimal sights from each angle, this forthcoming show will be bumped up a notch, assuring a rap-fest you’ll remember forever.

The That Girl Lay Lay is coming for the Roseland Theater this Wednesday 31st July 2024 to burn it down to ashes with this decade’s BIGGEST hip-hop stars. Click the button above to claim your reservations ASAP!

That Girl Lay Lay at Roseland Theater

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