Yaeji at Roseland Theater

Yaeji Tickets

Roseland Theater | Portland, Oregon

We're sure that you are well aware, there will be nothing like Yaeji on Friday 7th April 2023 at Roseland Theater. You are reading this, so you already know that this one of those events that will be truly unforgettable. Unfortunately, due to high demand, tickets are now in short supply and to avoid disappointment, be sure to get your tickets now before it is too late. Otherwise, somebody else will be enjoying this event while you're stuck somewhere different.

Yaeji at Roseland Theater

We've all seen situations where the location is a total mess, but the the guys at Roseland Theater have been working 24 hours to ensure that everything will go according to plan, including all the things that make this one so special, like facilities and the lighting and sound. That is why Yaeji on Friday 7th April 2023 will be the most incredible show on the planet.

Of course, the performances have been organized by the who’s who of the business so you can expect to be absolutely entertained. If there is one event that has to be experienced this spring, this is the one, and there is no uncertainty about it. The true fans will be there in full force, and it is a very pleasant experience sharing a space with like-minded individuals.

Tickets are fast becoming finished, after all, you’re here with the same idea of visiting the show. Everyone else has secured theirs but don’t worry, we’ve got your back, there are only a few left so purchase them here before it is too late. Of course, the alternate option is someone else enjoying what you are supposed to.

Yaeji at Roseland Theater

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