Rumble At The Roseland at Roseland Theater

Rumble At The Roseland Tickets

Roseland Theater | Portland, Oregon

Rumble At The Roseland

Only the premier MMA fighters are invited to compete in Rumble At The Roseland this coming Saturday 9th September 2023 at Roseland Theater in Portland, Oregon. Every fight on the card is guaranteed to be a hard-hitting beat down as the toughest fighters take each other on. Just imagine, that you and legions of fight fans will get to see the action that will explode like fireworks as soon as the bell is rung. You’ll feel every hit, every slam, and ever final knockout and will never be able to guess who will win! But let’s not forget that Rumble At The Roseland is special because it features some hotly anticipated bouts between amazing fan favorites that no one thought would ever come to pass. But whether you’re cheering on the storied veteran or the up and coming rising stars, you’ll be certainly surprised. Fight fans and sports commentators are already calling Rumble At The Roseland the biggest fight event of 2023 and are even calling it the only must-see-event of this fall. So don’t miss out! Because hot MMA events like Rumble At The Roseland don’t come to Portland often and this may be your last chance. Tickets are on sale now! Just hit the link to order your tickets today!

Are you ready to see the most vicious MMA carnage on either side of the country? Then make sure you don’t miss out on catching Rumble At The Roseland live at Roseland Theater in Portland, Oregon on Saturday 9th September 2023! Not only is this your number one chance to see the biggest collection of Martial Arts Styles clash head-to-head, but it’s also the biggest MMA show this fall. Some are even calling it the only MMA show you “shouldn’t skip” in 2023! And that’s because Roseland Theater has one of the most intimidating MMA rings in business with excellent sightlines from every seat in the house. And the top-notch sound and lighting design keeps you closer to the action than ever before. Best of all, Roseland Theater also has a wide selection of nearby and onsite vendors and merchants, so you can collect the merch you want and snack on your choice of savory food and snacks. Let’s not forget that Roseland Theater is also hosting Rumble At The Roseland, which is the latest in a long-line of incredible and star-studded MMA events that have left fans panting for more. And that’s only the beginning, but to enjoy Rumble At The Roseland to the fullest, you have to be at Roseland Theater on Saturday 9th September 2023! So make sure you click the link and book your tickets before they run out!

Rumble At The Roseland at Roseland Theater

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