LSDREAM at Roseland Theater


Roseland Theater | Portland, Oregon

When critics and fans in the know alike have to name the leading names in the techno industry, LSDREAM is never far from the discussion. This February the techno sensation will deliver another mind-bending event that will blast one of the most illustrious concerts venues in Portland and the surroundings. That’s right, Roseland Theater will play host to this highly anticipated techno party on Friday 18th February 2022, and it would be crazy to miss it! LSDREAM will stay true to the long-kept tradition of taking the patrons on a mind-blowing journey in the world of high-class techno, while the hosts will play their part in securing the most authentic party experience. How much better could it get? There’s only one way to know for sure – book your ticket today by clicking the button below, dive into this surrealistic night of easy

Concerts are the best way to have fun! This February there are some pretty stunning acts coming to town, including the iconic LSDREAM! Can you believe your ears! This will easily be an incomparable evening because what in the world could really come near!? This will be part of winter, 2022, US wide tour and it seems to be all anyone can talk about, the internet is flooded with info on LSDREAM! Wonderfully this top class night will take place the greatest ever place for high profile events just like this, the stunning Roseland Theater, Portland Oregon. it couldn't be nearer to the city centre and has all the amenities you could ever ask for! If you haven't by now booked Friday 18th February 2022 off of work then do so now before its you miss your chance, you'll also need to book your tickets immediately, so follow the link above to grab yours!

LSDREAM at Roseland Theater

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