Keane at Roseland Theater

Keane Tickets

Roseland Theater | Portland, Oregon

Imagine this: a Friday night full of possibilities – the perfect night for something special. Hundreds of people, sharing one special moment: hearing the melody of everyone’s favorite hit live for the first time… And you are one of them. This is what you can experience this Friday 6th March 2020 seeing Keane LIVE for a show you will forever remember. Roseland Theater is getting ready to present one of the most legendary shows of 2020. Keane will bring the stunning sound and shake the whole of Portland for a night Oregon will want to remember. All you need to do is get a ticket an expect the unexpected because Keane sure will deliver.

Keane at Roseland Theater

Exclusive announcement – have you ever heard that Roseland Theater in Portland is regularly rated as one of the best country music venues in the US? The secret ingredient lies in all the features and perks that make them stand out compared to other venues in Oregon. From the moment you arrive, you’ll be greeted by an experienced and friendly staff that will guide you to your seats and through an evening full of joy. On the way there you can stop for a moment to appreciate the authentic interior and atmosphere that’s specifically designed to transfer you directly in the best days of country music venues like the Grand Ole Opry. Let’s not forget that Roseland Theater has been long recognizable for offering the best acoustics in town so you can enjoy crisp and clean sounds anywhere in the venue. If you want to enjoy awe-inspiring country music concert events, then Roseland Theater is definitely the place to be. Give it a try by clicking the Buy Tickets button below.

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