Juanes at Roseland Theater

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Roseland Theater | Portland, Oregon


Latin music hypnotises us all in ways we could never imagine, fans are obsessed with this exciting genre! It was some pretty special news to hear Juanes are back on tour. Playing at the breathtaking Roseland Theater in Portland, Oregon, many say the favorite venue for all genres of music in Portland. winter, 2024 is going to be one hell of a time! You admire all latin music and this is of high importance to you. If you want to be part of the action this February, its very easy, click the link of this page this instant!

Are you about to feel funky? Well, your most adored latin act is back touring the states for winter, 2024 and everyone is ecstatic! Latin lovers everywhere are gunning for this giant night of pure rhythm and exceptional talent....oh did we forget to mention.....its the unsurpassed Juanes, and it'll be the ultimate Tuesday evening you'll have in a long while this February, you will certainly get your fix of latin....Juanes is LEGENDARY! imagine yourself dancing euphorically inside an enormous sea of like minded fans....that energy, you'll remember the night for years to come! Juanes will play at the magnificent Roseland Theater, Portland, Oregon on Tuesday 13th February 2024. Roseland Theater is a perfect match for this huge latin experience, so close to the hottest joints AND is such a great environment to be in...visitors hold it in such high regard for a musical venue. For tickets to the night we can supply from the link above, simply click 'get tickets' now!

Juanes at Roseland Theater

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