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Expect nothing less than an excellent Tuesday of dynamic alternative music on Tuesday 23rd April 2024 as Bayside turns up the volume at the Roseland Theater! Prior dates have drummed up the hype for the remainder of our headliner’s North American tour, and they still have quite a few gigs to blow up for loyal followers. Leave the musical mainstream for a bit and sink into the artistic sound of this celebrated performer.

Influenced by a varied array of genres, a harmony like nothing you’ve ever discovered before will soar, showcasing strikingly poignant lyrics that will pierce your soul. Grab this chance to behold several of the star's hottest hits LIVE, from their pivotal debut record to their newest Billboard-breaking tracks. Both fans and critics have lauded them as this year's groundbreaking icons, so you’d be smart to watch them here at the Roseland Theater, where acoustics are finely tuned and services are world-class. Hit the button on top to get your tickets today!

A live gig that's out of this world is barreling straight at you this April in one of the most highly anticipated alt-music spectacles in this region of the United States! With deafening fanfare, the outstanding Bayside will blow up Portland, Oregon, after its earlier string of sold-out shows where it garnered a stream of five-star reviews in its wake. The trek will then land at the famed Roseland Theater on Tuesday 23rd April 2024, welcoming you and other avid fans to sing along with these true trailblazers of their scene!

“My favorite act that’s shaking up the scene! I can't believe how they do it, but their sound is so uniquely beautiful. No one else can sing what they sing, and you all should absolutely watch them once you get the chance!”
Beneath the surface of popular music, the world of alternative tunes expands its reach, influenced by the many staples that shaped the soundscape. This is what the upcoming Bayside will be celebrating! Among today's greatest visionaries and hitmakers, our headlining artist will submerge you in an eclectic sea of superlative melodies, from their trailblazing first hits to the phenomenal ones of their newest Billboard-breaking record. Irresistible instrumental arrangements meet expressive wordplay and catchy choruses in an unparalleled experience that’ll strike at your soul in ways simply indescribable.

Award-giving bodies have showered the artist with prestigious honors and universal applause, confidently crowned as the future of alternative music by both fans and critics. Once the lights go dim, you’ll surely believe that as well.

The Roseland Theater in Portland’s bustling downtown will provide its stunning setting for the event, with an emphasis on an electrifying ambiance and acoustic accuracy for audiences to immerse in. Oregon's leading live music hotspot features spacious parking and adjacent restaurants and bars for a complete going-out experience!

A captivating spring concert waits for you this Tuesday 23rd April 2024, masterminded by the out-of-this-world Bayside LIVE here at the Roseland Theater! For seats, click the “Get Tickets” link above!

Bayside at Roseland Theater

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